Thursday, September 17, 2015

manifesto 2015


iridescent dometransformed, re-constructed
a performance
a mobile sculptural installation

for MANIFESTO 2015 @ Super Wonder Gallery: 876 Bloor St. W TORONTO (Ossington+Bloor). Up until THURSDAY, sep 24.  MOBILE INSTALLATION, play with it! Move it! Pull the string!

 © aleks bartosik iridescent dome: re-constructed (2015): a mobile/interactive installation
                 photo credit: Ashley McKenzie-Barnes

Performance with Raffaele Brereton & Mayumi Lashbrook (pictured below) took place on Sunday at 8:30pm-8:45pm.  We danced and interacted with the iridescent dome, footage coming soon.  The iridescent dome has been re-constructed, re-arranged especially for MNFSTO9 in order to make it more interactive with its audience (and dancers during the performance).  

aleks barosik with raffaele brereton and mayumi lashbrook

If you're in Toronto come and stop by the gallery and check out the show that's up briefly and only until this Thursday!  Come and play with the dome and move it's wings!  Super Wonder Gallery is open from 1-10pm daily except Mondays, but please call in advance if you're coming out of town to confirm the hours, as there are other events happening while the show is up and the hours may fluctuate! The number is (416) 516-5457.

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