Saturday, August 15, 2015

IRIDESCENT DOME : repaired for Playground!

IRIDESCENT DOME: exhibited at Playground 2015

This Arts & Music Festival takes place in a different location reach year.  This year the Festival was located on the beautiful Christian Island, Ontario.  Organized by two Toronto based djs, TAKiN and Steintology, plus one of the members of Art Battle, Simon Plashkes. The festival ran three days.

iridescent dome was quickly repaired in time for the Festival and installed on the beach.  The dome was meant to show an array of different colours that changed and reflected as the days and nights went on. Here is the iridescent dome transforming from day to day.  Few art performances took place during the Festival in collaboration with dancer Beki Bobrovski who I have worked with in the past for the PULP PARTY.  Festival participants and locals were invited to wander within the iridescent dome, watch the performances and enjoy the music.  Let the colours tell you a story.

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