Friday, May 18, 2012

Smoke Signals in Sao Paulo.

Smoke Signals originated as a perspective experimental collaboration between Brazillian artist Leopoldo Ponce and Canadian artist Sean MacAlister. It started as an  investigation of how people communicate without the written and spoken word.Participating artists Aleks BartosikEduardo Verderame, Hannah Doerksen, Helio Bartsch,Marie-Claude GendronJuan CastroJuliana KaseLaurie SumiyeLeopoldo Ponce and Sean MacAllister collaborating at Atelie da Barão residency in Sao Paulo, Brazil from May 14th to June 1st. 2012.
For more information and artists' progress, please visit the SMOKE SIGNALS PROJECT.

...said the Snark.  (Bartosik/Verderame collaboration)
bartosik in a site specific drawing. 2012.

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