Monday, May 9, 2011

stampede of animal-hearts. OTTAWA

La Petite Mort Gallery presents:

Aleks Bartosik & Natasha Doyon

May 6 - 29, 2011

This exhibition is a collaboration between Aleks Bartosik and Natasha Doyon. They have collaborated and made individual artworks for STAMPEDE OF ANIMAL-HEARTS that bring together ideas relating to containment, restraint and the economy of physical and mental movement. They look at the experience of bodies in states of adjustment, passion, transformation and adaptation to the limitations that form one’s reality; and invite us, instead, to wander into their playgrounds of curiosity and dream.

Artist Statement:
The body has always been central to my work, as a compass to navigate through the layers of a physical reality. The vulnerability of the flesh is a bridge between what was and what will be, continuously regenerating itself as it sheds its layers of stories and creates new ones. I am drawn to a suggestive body that lingers between mythology, history, and a temporal body that sleeps in an ocean of possible forms that reflect what is real and imagined.

Artist Statement:
I explore the boundaries between the real and the imaginary and investigate one’s ability and willingness to imagine, pretend, dream and suspend disbelief. I am motivated by people; the particularities, delicacies, sensitivities, beauties and obsessions held within relationships between lovers, siblings/twins, friends, family, strangers, or themselves. It is my challenge to invite the viewer to dream through my deliberate narration and my obsession with drawing in painting.

Guy Berube, director
La Petite Mort Gallery 
306 Cumberland Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 7H9

BARTOSIK. she does not want to ride the pain anymore.  2011. (acrylic, conte and oil on canvas, 120 x 120cm)
BARTOSIK.  guardian beast.  2011 (papier mache sculpture, life size)

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