Monday, July 13, 2009

painting event by olka, aka me

Hi everyone, I would like to first of all thank all those that had helped with the project; the entire wonderful staff of the Art Gallery of Mississauga and my sister Sylwia, and to all those who have came to visit me during the painting event. Thank you for your wonderful enthousiasm and your much appreciated support! The event took place in the skate park in Mississauga at the back of AGM on Sunday July 12th. I painted on a wall where my good friend Jeff Garcia, aka Mangoe Peeler, painted before - notice I left some of his work still... that of which still existed anyways. Here is the story of the painting... borrowing artichoke hearts, with the help of a friend of mine, the horse-head:
the painting can be seen at any time for as long as it exists.


Anonymous said...

Great job!

Anitra said...

Aleks, Sylwia - I love this painting!!! i can just imagine that person inside powering the horse, or is it the reverse...i can sense the moving energy and courage in the lines and the way it is painted with those brilliant colors and the also the delicacy of the internal organs --with the lucious deep black!! yumm!! i wish i was there to see it but those are good photos so i can see it - thank you for sharing your beautiful painting!!



AMAZING!!!! oh the memories of that wall, I love the parts you left-a little fragment of a border for the horse. Use a mask! hahaha . Sylwia looks great too.

Love visiting your blog.
Miss you.