Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Methinks Presents:
We Made a Deal with the Devil
JULY 25th - OPENING - toronto @ Project 165 > 165 Augusta Ave $5 suggested
(drawing by Rob Mirsky)
TonkaPuma performing (photo by Karol Orzechowski, also yellow photo below by Karol) "broken conversation" drawing event by me (below) Drawings, installation, performance and other projects by Alex Bowron, Allison Moore, Andrzej Tarasiuk, Karol Orzechowski, Lisa Keophila, Rick Kresta, Ryan Solski, Ryan Ringer and many other wicked little Deal Makers... who all made me feel very welcomed for the tour! This is a great project that integrates and promotes artistic ideas and spits them out at their surroundings literally! It's a very friendly atmosphere that welcomes artists and passer-byers alike. We Made a Deal with the Devil was originally cooked-up by Ryan Ringer... although now the project includes many talented artists from all parts of Canada. I'm excited to join them in a few of their tour stops. Performing : Garbageface + TonkaPuma I had the pleasure to work along side the wicked sounds made by Garbageface (Karol). It was great to draw with a DJ and, naturally, respond to his sound-making with my mark-making! Also - his live performance awakened the rhythms in our minds!
I look forward to meeting up with the Methinks crew again for the tour in Montreal (August 15 + 16) Montreal tour spots: ------------------------- August 15 @ CENTRE CHAT BLEU (w/ Indyish) (night) - 8PM ------------------------ For full information about the art, the artists, the tour and each of the stops as they drive across some Canada, visit: http://methinkspresents.org/expedition

broken conversation, july 25th ~ me starting the drawing ...

(photo by Ryan Paquiz)

(photo by Karol Orzechowski)

broken conversation, july 25th my drawing event, what is left of it... after the erasure.

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