Monday, November 9, 2015

NOVEMBER: Rhinocéros - a play directed by Pierre Gregory

Hello my French-speaking friends, ... and everyone interested in theatre and art! 

This month - I'm pleased to announce that I have collaborated with a very talented play-writer/director, Pierre Gregory, on a French play that he directed titled :  Rhinocéros, written by Eugene Inoesco. The play will be held at l’auditorium de Gabrielle-Roy on 14 Pembroke St. (corner of Dundas/Sherbourne).
This is a *special* project for me because I got to collaborate with Oliver da Silva in creating the costumes for the cast.   Not only is Oliver da Silva a very talented sculptor, he also happens to be my partner and best friend.  

A new BLOG with images of the sculptural costumes coming soon! 

Head dress designs by aleks Bartosik and Oliver da Silva.  
Photo credit: F.Guillet.

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