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Ever partied in a room full of garbage?
PULP: paper art party 2015 is a fundraiser designed to examine the current lifecycle of waste materials and investigate alternative uses. Following last year’s tremendously successful party, PULP promises to reach new heights.
wandering creatures, with a dancer Rebecca A. Bobrovskis - video still, work in progress 2014-2015)
PULP: paper art party 2015 is an evening combining installation art, live music, dancing, and conversation, as well as, video art and poetry.  This year’s event will be held on May 23rd, at Jam Factory Co. located in South Riverdale (2 Matilda St, Toronto, ON M4M 1L9).  The state of our environment is an incredibly important topic, but PULP isn’t about lectures or presentations – we want to get people dancing, talking, playing, and creating. Inside a unique two-story space, artists will introduce guests to sustainable design through reclaimed material installations in an engaging social setting.
This year’s music line-up features The Boxcar Boys, A Little Rambunctious, and, closing out the night, Toronto’s own master of Electro Swing: DJ Medicineman.
My work will be a performance and installation piece made of paper titled night wanderer and paper creatures.  All of which will be created spontaneously the day of the event based on the space and materials provided, and through improvisation in tune with the audience, the sound/noise, and music during the night's performance.   This is especially a project that I'm really proud to be a part of for few specific reasons. One being that it is the perfect situation and materials that I actually use in my everyday studio routine.  And second, and very exciting for me, is that I get to make my project come alive with two very talented dancers, and collaborators, Colleen Snell and Rebecca A. Bobrovskis.  We are excited, for the very first time together, to present to you night wanderer and paper creatures that will be created that day for You!  A paper playground where two paper creatures engage in a call-and-response dance conversation, intermingled with the audience.
Estimated time of the performance is from 10pm to 11pm that will take place on and off in different locations within the venue.
We look forward to seeing you! 
You can find all the information about the PULP Party and how to purchase your tickets now in the links below!  Please note that this is a 19+ event. For more information and updates on this year’s event, check us out at:

photo credit: Becca Lemire (She Does The City Online Magazine)

photo credit: urban territories magazine
Here is a link to a short excerpt from a video of 
"night wanderer and paper creatures" (2015) performed with Beki Bobrovski and Colleen Snell:

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alien sightings, solo exhibition 
@ La Petite Mort Gallery in Ottawa
Opening:  FRIDAY, JUNE 5: 7 - 9pm

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