Thursday, September 25, 2014

interview with Crystal Lee of AWESOME SAUCE TV

Thank you for the great article Crystal Lee of Awesome Sauce!

"The contemporary figurative paintings of Aleks Bartosik aren't something you'd typically see hanging in a dining room.  With wildly intense subjects and colour, her paintings are vivid and disconcerting.  How do you create powerful and memorable work?  Aleks tries not to worry so much about what will or will not sell.  Instead she sticks to her goal as an artist, wich is to create visceral pieces that give viewers an emotionally moving experience." 
__  Crystal Lee

To read full article visit  Awesome Sauce.
Lee, Crystal.  "Art Follows Heart: How to create impactful work."  Awesome Sauce: September 9, 2014.

aleks Bartosik.  in a dream (2014) acrylic, conte and oil on canvas.  5x5'


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