Thursday, September 20, 2012

nuit blanche 
2012 @Brownstone Bistro
sep 29, 10pm - sep 30, 1:00am

603 Yonge St. (near Wellesley) TORONTO

I'm excited to be participating again for this year's Nuit Blanche.  I will be showing some of my paintings, doing a short drawing performance, and my Postcard Project VI (courtesy of good friends; Erika and Jimmy) at Brownstone Bistro.  I hope you can make it and enjoy a fun night of dining and looking at art! 

photos:Colin Anderson and Susan Gregory

PAPER PEOPLE is a performance piece I did especially for Nuit Blanche / Toronto. The performance is an extension of my past work that was done on walls and sculptural pieces. PAPER PEOPLE involves volunteers to participate by wearing my hand-made white dresses on which I draw on during the event. 
A special thank you to the volunteers: Pierre Gregory, Susan Gregory, Tanya Abrams, Michael Abrams, Wayne Yehia, Nicole Duncan, Kurt Khan, Steve Dukacz, Christy Langer, and the random people who stopped by to be drawn on - this project would not be possible without You! Thank you to Brownstone Bistro for the venue, to Sylwia Bartosik for her assistance in sowing of the Paper People dresses, and to Wayne Yehia of Bredko Bakery for providing the men shirts.
AND - a very special thanks goes out to my one and only; my camera man and paper-cutter, Oliver Da Silva (a.k.a. oliilo), thank you for all your hard work and patience, and this awesome video! 

video by oliilo

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