Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pulp Friction will be an art exhibition focusing entirely on artists who work with paper within their artistic practice. This show has assembled a broad collection of artists, examining how process-demands of this medium are achieved, how they are experimented with, subse...quently looking at the gestural, minimal, along with the laborious applications that are a result of working with paper.

Because of the vast variety of works as a part of this group, this exhibition will be an irregular, contrasting installation, focusing on labour-intensive works vis-a-vis the gestural, and gestural works vis-a-vis the minimal, and with minimal works vis-à-vis the labour-intensive, highlighting the diversity, resulting in a viscerally appealing montage for the viewer. The installation will be impulsive, leaving the viewer to make their own understanding, therefore having a fresh sense of what has been and is being achieved with paper, thus encouraging a positive, thought-provoking dialogue."   
__ Steve Roufas, Curator: Intellectual Property  
Pulp Friction will occur at 198 Walnut Avenue, in the West Queen West Art District of the city of Toronto. A one-night art show, held on December 1st, 2011. The reception will begin at 7 pm. Jubal Brown as DJ starting at 9 pm.

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Dabrowski said...

An interesting initiative.... I think it will be interesting exhibition with the use of paper as a medium to achieve an artistic form...!
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