Wednesday, June 15, 2011

AWOL : Toronto

AWOL gallery presents “interference” 
by edmund law

June 16th – 26th, 2011
...RECEPTION: Friday, June 17th, 7pm - 11pm

awol gallery
76 ossington ave.
Toronto, ON
“interference” is a collaboration between 23 artists and edmund law. it is about seeing and understanding art in a translated way - by not seeing it at all. in this project each artist allows law to conceal their work in brown craft paper and objectively describe it on the cover. this text as medium, is written to encourage the viewer to bypass their sight, and use the interior eyes of the imagination to visualize the art; like the book of a movie adaptation is so much better because it satisfies the reader who invents and interprets the whole written world in their mind. in law’s opinion, this is partly due to the time we spend with the words, story and the characters etc of a book. it is not to say that law’s writing is better than the art it’s composed from, but that by spending more time with the words than we normally would looking at art, it may become more vivid in the mind rather than by simply using our eyes in a momentary fashion (5-30 secs. per painting av. according to some museum surveys). in addition to the descriptive texts are qrcodes generated from a more subjective theoretical and creative musing - some written by elenore chesnutt, an artist/writer and some by anna le roy, a philosopher/art enthusiast. this coded text is meant to provide further insight into the possibilities of meaning and interpretation from a single viewers perspective.

to uncover what elenore or anna have written about these artist’s work - at the exhibit scan the qrcode with your smart phone equipped with the decode app. or without a smart phone you can photograph it, download to your desktop at home and decode it online -

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