Monday, September 27, 2010



POSTCARD PROJECT for Harvest Fest 2010
my art contribution to the festival

For this year's Harvest Festival held in Burk's Falls in Ontario, I made 43 postcards with my artwork. Each card is original and numbered according to how many of that particular artwork were in an edition especially made for Harvest Fest 2010. (edition is written at the top left corner of each card)

I distributed them amongst my friends and the people I met on the dance-floor at Harvest during Saturday night. 40 postcards were successfully filled out and sent!

I loved Harvest Festival last year so much, and I thought, what a wonderful feeling it would be to receive a postcard roughly 2 weeks after the event just to rekindle some of those good vibes, experiences and memories of the new people we all met and those we already know. Also, it was my attempt to share my artwork with the people who participated.

I went around and asked people, those who were willing to participate, to choose a postcard they like, write their address on the back, put it back in the pile and choose another card (with someone else's address already in place, someone you may not even know!) and write a message.

Your message : ANYTHING! Can be just good wishes, a statement, your dreams, your fears, your secrets, a love letter, a story, a description, anything! You were free to choose to sign your name on the message or remain completely anonymous, or make one up.

So, people left addresses and signed their messages on random cards from the pile, including myself. Small donations were asked to help me cover the cost of postage.

I hope to make this project even BIGGER next year! Enjoy! XO

* a special THANK YOU to those who participated, because without you, this project would not be possible!! *
* this project will continue for BURNING MAN 2011, a project that I will do with my two good friends Jimmy Boddie and Erika Marzinotto, AND for NUIT BLANCHE 2011


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