Friday, January 4, 2008

super 8

once there was a girl

TRT 3:30 min., colour, silent, DVD (transferred from super 8 film original), 2007

originally the film was meant to be shown as a component of an installation/performance piece created by aleks bartosik and shown at usine C (montreal, may 2007).

once there was a girl is a film about a girl-woman-horse who is enchanted by two creatures that she cannot love. hiding her inner passions, losses, obsessions and lusts, the girl-woman-horse befriends one of the creatures and lives with it in an imaginary empty and lost space. she imagines happiness, unable to accept her losses, and lives a self-created content situation.

once there was a girl has been screened in Kyoto, Japan and Toronto, Canada (Lennox Contemporary), both in december 2007.


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Anonymous said...

wheres is the video?

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