Monday, October 1, 2007

two HORSE HEADS on Carlaw

NUIT BLANCHE : a 'free all-night contemporary art'
September 29, Saturday 7:03 pm to sunrise.
- two horse heads were in the alley way of Carlaw Ave. performance was affiliated with Headbones Gallery.
- in the ALLEY, works by Scott Ellis and Julie Oakes.

*very special thank You to Julie and Richard of Headbones and my sister Sylwia for making this performance possible!
a little blurb... nuit blanche was an interesting night event that i was honoured to, even briefly, take part in (my performance was short). this was my first time going to it and i have only heard great things about it. in my opinion, if it was not for the lovely company that i travelled with from one exhibition to the next, nuit blanche itself was not very inspiring nor art-filled like i expected. perhaps i had too high expectations? or, perhaps the zones were too far apart? in any case, i wish there was more art work to be shown: things out of the ordinary white-cube display... pieces that could utilise the streets and the outside environment better. i had a Great time, but i hope that in the future this show will expand artistically and creatively, and not just geographically (more zones). I think nuit blanche is an excellent idea to work with for all types of artists as it brings the art to the public; to the streets; to the everyday toronto surroundings at a strange time of the day/night. i imagine it can have wonderful potential for the arts and exposure for canadian artists.

the by j.ould

3 photos by oliver da silva

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