Tuesday, June 5, 2007

borrowing aritchoke-hearts


1. slide projection once there was a girl. 2. slide projection once there was a girl (incurable indecency) 3. slide projection once there was a girl (1.5 hr kiss then 200m of lies) 4. installation view of paintings and performance event.

my solo exhibition
was on view until June 9, 2007
USINE C, Montreal

Hi everyone,
I would like to share some images from my exhibition...
and I would like to send out special thanks to those that I collaborated with for the performance events and photography:
* performance events: a very special Thank You to Sylwia Bartosik and Jimmy Boddie who have been both wonderful to work with!!!
* photography: a special Thank You to Jennifer Da Silva and Jeff Garcia, it was super fun times!.* and Special Thanks to: my parents who have always been very supportive and patient with me. To all those that inspired this body of work in spirit and in life (you know who you are), and to those that helped: Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre, Ali El Darsa, John McCartney, Patrick Dubé, Danny Walker and Cynthia Flengeris; and the staff of Usine C for their kindness and help. ~ love and paint! xo!

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